Wondering why to choose Crew4 Crates over cardboard?

There are lots of reasons why below!

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Why Choose Crew4 Crates Over Cardboard?



Easily Stacked


Easy To Carry


Better For The Environment




Will Not Break Down When Used For Long Term Storage




Able To Hold Heavy Items


Less Expensive Than Cardboard


Easy To Transport


Great For Commercial And Residential

If it has been a while since you moved or stored your items you might not remember trying to track down boxes to re-use or purchase boxes that you had to fold and tape just to get everything ready to start packing, what a hassle. Now you can contact us and we will drop our reusable Crew4 Crates off at your location, stacked in one area and ready for you to start filling with confidence that your items are safe!

 No longer will you have to worry about if you can stack your containers on top of each other and if you do if your items inside will be crushed. You won’t have to carry awkward boxes from the bottom and wonder if that bottom will even hold because with our crates come with sturdy handles.

 When you are done with your move you don’t have to worry about what to do with all of those boxes. You won’t have to break them down, and try to recycle them. Instead you contact us and start the pickup process of your crates.

 Interested in making your move easier? Contact us today to setup your Crew4 Rental Crate Delivery!

How It Works

We Deliver your Crew4 Crates

We deliver your Crew4 Crates to your location so you are ready to start packing. 

You Pack (or Crew4 Moving Packs).

No need for tape or worrying if the bottom will fall out from the contents inside. Once your crate is filled you simply close and label it and you’re on to the next one. 

Move Your Crates

Since the Crew4 Crates can easily and safely be stacked you will save room for your storage needs and save room in your vehicle. 

We Pick Up

When you’re all set, stack the crates in one area and a Crew4 member will schedule a time to pick them up.