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Crew4 Rental Crates Are The Smart Solution

If you’re moving or trying to store items for your residential or commercial needs, you know standard cardboard boxes can be a hassle to obtain and use. If you’re boxing up heavier items or even delicate items standard cardboard may not be your best solution. So, what is your best solution? Our rental crates from Crew4 Rentals are exactly what you’re looking for. These re-usable crates are eco-friendly and much more durable than a cardboard box. 


Whether you’re looking for long-term storage solutions like our Crew4 Storage sites or if you want a better way of packing your items while moving on your own or with Crew4 Moving, our Crew4 Rental Crates are your ideal solution. 

How It Works

We Deliver your Crew4 Crates

We deliver your Crew4 Crates to your location so you are ready to start packing. 

You Pack (or Crew4 Moving Packs)

No need for tape or worrying if the bottom will fall out from the contents inside. Once your crate is filled you simply close and label it and you’re on to the next one. 

Move Your Crates

Since the Crew4 Crates can easily and safely be stacked you will save room for your storage needs and save room in your vehicle. 

We Pick Up

When you’re all set, stack the crates in one area and a Crew4 member will schedule a time to pick them up. 

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Wondering how much it costs to rent Crew4 Rental Crates? 

If you’re in the Binghamton, Johnson City, Endwell, Endicott, Vestal or surrounding areas in the Southern Tier of New York and want more information contact us today!

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